Tuesday, August 19, 2008

and in the beginning........ there was life- or a new blog!

Ok- so I have been coaxed, pushed and harrassed by friends and loyal fans (Bless you all!) of my photos and my writing (more like rants some days....) to create a blog at the very least if I'm not going to do a web-site for Natural Approach Photography.

** I'm sure it has more to do with my not clogging their "In-boxes" than anything..... but I'll take the compliments and the hints.**

So here we go! Check in often and see what the family is up to and where my camera and I have been that week. You know you can always check in with me this way. :)

Much love! Didi & Natural Approach Photo

1 comment:

Scott said...

Welcome to blogger land!!!
Kinda fun isn't it??
I will definetly be checking in
Keep up the great work!!!!