Saturday, August 23, 2008

And she breathes a sigh of releif...

Ahhhhhh...... Well it's done.... the back to school shopping is so done- put a fork in me! :) The kids loved the clothes, shoes, supplies and unmentionables... so Hallaluah!

My absolutely adorable Mother-in-law came up today for a vist- always good for some quality spoiling that one. :) Good to see her pretty smiling face.

I attempted to set Oni's hair in velcro rollers today- which actually looked like it might have worked- but she got impatient- and so we took them out- and it was still damp- so it curled right back up.... oh well. I did get her to co-operate for a bit tonight- and she and I took a drive to a small sculpture park and to the arboretum for pix tonight in that gorgeous golden hour sun.

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