Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crazy crazy crazy

August isn't but half way over and September is officially already booked! Thank you all!

I'm up to my eyeballs in photos to be edited and my head is spinning with the upcoming appointments. :) You know they say, "never say never".... I said I would never do weddings..... and I've done two so far this year and three more coming up..... weddings- hmmmm..... :) Once again the stubborn girl has had to eat her words.... So hard to admit I'm wrong......

The summer has absolutely flown by-vaporized- how did that happen???? The kids start school in two weeks! I've had their backpacks and school supplies purchased, labled and packed for weeks now- but it's becoming a sudden slap of reality as I've started doing the back to school clothes shopping chore- e-gads..... The girls have grown so much this summer- you don't realize it as it happens- they are in shorts and flip-flops all summer- then you go to try on their jeans and shoes..... well- let's just say- it wasn't pretty..... we're going shopping......

The girls have had some fun day trips to Birch Bay to the water slides with their daycare Goddess and her family (T is a love- so patient!), horse back riding/training with our neighbor, the zoo with another nieghbor & I, two weeks with Papa John & G'ma Vicki in Idaho. The addition of a two way radio at our house has enabled to girls to have a bit more freedom this summer.... and they have aquired roller blades, new safety equiptment, lots of scrapes, bruises and scars from said roller blades, hours of endless fun in the sun, pool, slip n slide, scooters and bikes! They've made tons of new friends this year and are soooooo excited to start school! We got their class assignments this week- and we (the parents) are thrilled- ok- Gabbi is thrilled- Oni sighed in dis-belief.... "but she's tough".... but of course we had nothing to do with that..... " this conversation never happend and we were never here"..... mwaaahaaaaa! :) We have bbq'd with family and friends all summer- so it has been a great summer- just seems too short!

Husky Football starts at home soon.... on September 6th- so I'll soon be a football widow again! Some wives would be bent out of shape about this- but it gives the kids & I a chance for bonding. We use those days for shopping, movies, scrap-booking- girl time. And he gets to go and connect with friends, rub elbows with the Tyee Members, drink margaritas from Rodger's gas powered blender at the tailgate parties and comsume all foods known to clog arteries! So a fun time is had by all!

The Miles family was intensely involved in our friends' wedding last weekend. Oni & Gabbi were the flower girls, Ron was giving the bride away, and yours truly was the resident photographer! :) Oh- add seamstress and pediatric hair dresser to that list as well..... Heidi and I looked and looked- and couldn't find dresses that fit the bill- so as a last minute decision- 8 days before the wedding- I began sewing!!!! But they turned out fine and the girls looked adorable in them! :)

Anyhoo- that's enough rambling for tonight! Have a great day! xoox D

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