Tuesday, November 12, 2013

T-fam kiddos

I'm sipping my 2nd quad latte of the day...
Ad this post makes me giggle out loud in the quiet of my office this morning... 

This session looks so sweet and peaceful- like we were leisurely enjoying a pic-nic in a meadow setting with the breeze fluttering the leaves like diamonds in the late day fall sun.... birds singing and bugs  & critters dancing in the golden grass..... The perfect recipe for photos......


The reality is this...
We are roadside- on a major Highway, 
{don't try this at home kids... we're trained/certifiably crazy professionals} 
with cars and trucks roaring by.

It was late in the day with babes that we had just roused from a sound car seat induced coma.... they were a tad grumpy with us.

There was bribery, bubbles, and cajoling.
And this session lasted less than 12 minutes start to finish because they were both in tears before during and after..... 
{it took me longer to lug that fabulous chair out and back that it did for the whole shoot}
Thank goodness that audio is not included, LOL!

However- my point is... that beautiful light and locations happen in the most unexpected places- and don't stop shooting because you can capture moments of greatness at the craziest times.

T-fam- you know I love you- and I adore that you never flinch when I tell you what my crazy-arse plan is for each shoot.  
You are brave and crazy and the results speak for themselves. 

Didi V.

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