Tuesday, November 19, 2013


If you know me personally or have been to my home- you know that  I dig decorating for the holidays.... 
ALL  OF THEM..... as a matter of fact.
Halloween is my number one favorite,  followed closely by Christmas and then Easter-
The other 3-4 decor looks are default because I can't NOT decorate.....{pardon the double negative}  but Halloween has a special place in my heart- and holds as many bin spaces in my garage as my Christmas decorations!

My birthday narrowly missed Halloween by just a few minutes - so pretty much every birthday of mine has had a Halloween theme- and I'm totally fine with that- because ever since childhood- my birthday is actually two days of celebrating and who doesn't like to have a two day party???
Seriously- oodles of candy followed by birthday cake and yummy fall comfort foods...
Uhmmmm.... hell yeah!

I am crazy late in posting these- and I really scaled down my decorations this year
{YES- this is the scaled down version} just because I'm trying to crank out everyone's fall images.
But I did want to share a few shots with you all. 

I'm anxiously awaiting next weekend so that I can re-create my home and put up the Winter Wonderland....
Stay tuned!
xoxo Didi V

My daughter Onika giving me her best 40's babe look

My youngest daughter Gabbi strutting her peacock princess look

Even the powder room and kitchen get some spooky love....

 And if it stands still long enough- it gets draped in something.....


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