Thursday, November 14, 2013

The BB fam at the SAM

The BB sisters called me up for a fall get together- everyone was actually going to be in town at the same time- so rain or shine- this was GOING to happen!

Unfortunately- it was so stormy and gross- that "outside' was not really a possibility {it was raining so hard that I think it rained up side down!} 
So..... we had to call an early morning audible and go for the SAM in downtown Seattle.

What a great surprise- I had never been there before and I'm totally in love- I want to go and play there in good weather now!  
{and for you fellow photo-geeks, these were all done natural light- zero fill flash was used}

It's always an adventure when you get this many folks together for photos- the more subjects you add to a photo- it becomes exponentially more difficult to keep everyone on the same page..... especially with 
a party of 10!  
With 4 under the age of 4 it can feel a bit like herding cats.... BUT  I adore this family  so it's totally worth it!

I particularly love that these girls are so close and so are their kids- and that they keep THEIR parents involved  in an every year photo with the kids.  

What great photo memories these littles will have when they are grown ups!

Thanks gang- I'll see you all in the Spring!

xoxo  Didi V.

***This shot of Z is my favorite from this session- 
There's nothing super special about it-but I love everything about this shot.
She's not even looking at me... but I love that her little hand is on the glass and she's exploring the big world outside and the Seattle rain is sticking to the glass that houses her sweet reflection and the bokeh of the fall tree became one of the bright colors of her dress. LOVE- that's all. ***

*Cousin love*

Never a missed opportunity to read and learn in this family- and cuddle time with Pappa is always a bonus....

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