Tuesday, November 12, 2013

H-Fam fun

The H-fam is crazy in love with their boy Jax and it's easy to see why.

My gorgeous friend Lucy and her handsome boys came to hang out with me on two different occasions recently and we had such fun and dynamic color both days- one in the early morning fog and one in the last slivers of daylight.  I love that my client families trust my crazy visions for location 
{read here... ratty old abandoned buildings and empty lots) 
and can still bring their own brand of beauty to each session.... even if it means missing some prime NFL action on a Sunday morning.

I love hanging with the H-fam because we live such crazy  parallel sports fueled lives.  
We catch each other's games when we can and our wine and dinner conversations are always sports dominated.... and it's such a comfortable fit.  I'm sure that many of our family friends think that we are obsessive about the sports talk- for that I'm sorry... but there's no apologies needed in this group!

Love you guys!
Didi V.

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