Sunday, April 10, 2011

Michael & Brayden

Happy Spring everyone!!!!  I know- it's been a whole month since I've checked in- and I have had so much to blog about and do- and not enough time to do it in!  So I am playing catch-up- and rather backwards I might add......  so stay tuned- spring is booked extremely full- so lots of photos will be coming your way soon!
I had a change in my schedule this weekend (no basketball tournament after all) so I had some time open up to grab some shots of a couple of my favorite boys....and even tho the weather wasn't the greatest...  we still had a ball!  I showed Michael some cool parts of town and he showed me some mad skills on his long board. 

Baby brother Brayden was chillin' (aka napping) through his big brother's exhibition- but he woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed for a few shots with one of his favorite people. 


Spring is filling up fast so call and catch your spot for Spring and Summer sessions...  The baby chix session next weekend is FULL, and I will be putting on a few more themed sessions for the little ones as the summer progresses.... garden fairies and teddy bear tea party will be amongst them as well as a trip to the Jetty again (back by very popular demand!!!).

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