Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blossom time

Holy Springtime Batman!!! 

This girl has been crazy busy this month- I can't believe that May is just around the corner....  Big Bertha (my pet name for my camera) and I have been putting on some serious miles traveling to new places, meeting some really cool people and visiting with old friends...  and I love every second of it!

I am ridiculously tardy in posting from this shoot... but better late than never, right??????????

Miss O is getting SO big girl- can't believe how much she has changed since October!  I met with her and her super cool parents at the
UW Quad in the middle of the awesomeness of all the cherry trees in bloom- it's a  glorious sight for sure!

 Unfortunately for us- there was about 500 other photographers all doing the same thing on that cold grey morning... so we were playing dodge the tri-pod....  (you find the perfect spot but have to wait for someone else to vacate while staying out of someone else's shot  and Miss O is very busy- she had much ground to explore here....) but we still had some great laughs and some sweet shots.

Our kids are only this little for such a short time- capture it now because you'll blink and they'll be grow-ups before you know it!  xoxo Didi V.

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