Monday, April 11, 2011

The Sun and the Moon...

When I was a little girl (and for always I guess) ...She used to sing that I was her sunshine.... and it donned on me today- she was my moon.  The moon is what helps to keeps us balanced on this planet- the push and pull of the ocean tides, weather and gravity, etc. 

She was my gravity... she kept me centered in the face of life's biggest storms. She was my safe harbor, my protector,  and she taught me everything I needed to know about life and how to be a good person.  She made me work hard, sing loud and laugh even louder.

Today my beautiful momma would have been 58.  Happy birthday mom... I love and miss you so much....  Thanks for being my moon. xoxo Doo-Anne
*I'm so glad that she let me catch a few shots of her- it was rare.  I ran across these the other day and it made me smile to see her smiling back at me.  Please don't put off having photos taken of yourself- you never know how much of a gift you are leaving behind!*


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Di... point taken.. next visit to Persephone will be pics of BOTH of us!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I remember soo well that terrible day!! Your desperation and grief beamed from my monitor into the room!! Hugs Irene