Sunday, April 10, 2011

Move over Martha...

That's right- I said it.... Move over Martha
Ok- I'm not really that crafty anymore- altho- I did turn out some pretty darned cute hair pretties for some darling girls for portrait sessions this spring, and I cooked up a storm this weekend...and not just my easy go to basics... I actually- wait for it...... used a recipe this weekend!  I know,... I know- my family was stunned... and rewarded... the braised beef short ribs in a garlic-red wine-balsamic reduction over heavily garlic-buttered smashed potatoes was dare I say- criminal... it was ridiculously good.

Tonight I turned out stuffed pork chops and pan fried zucchini w/ buttered bread crumbs, sprinkled w/ parm s&p, and a dollop of ranch sour cream dip... comfort food to the inth degree on this cold cruddy wet day.

I spent some needed down-time resting and relaxing with my family this weekend- we were sad that Oni's basketball tourney was canceled for her age bracket but happy to have some rest.  We've snuggled, laughed, watched movies, hung out with friends and took a deep breath.. and it was a very good thing.*wink*

And this photo montage- really is my house- inside and out- if you've missed it somewhere in all of my ramblings... I L.O.V.E to decorate for the holidays.....ALL of them actually....  My friend Alicia laughed at me yesterday on a quick visit and told me that she no longer needs to buy a calendar- she just needs to drive past my house to tell what month it is... (I think this is a good thing...)

Anyhoo........I hope you take a big breath and hang out with your family- really listen to your kids and kiss your spouses this week. Keep checking back- I promise to be bringing you all sorts of new photos to oogle and hopefully write something that will make you smile.  Till next time Cio! xoox Didi V.

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