Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chix Pix

 You know- it all sounded good in theory....

One dozen little fuzzy yellow chicks. Check.
Giant plastic Easter Eggs. Check.
Easter Baskets. Check.
One dozen small children (and oodles of excited parents) booked to have photos taken. Check.

Permission to invade the yard of a neighbor, who has the perfect "little old lady"  house with soft dappled sunlight through enormous old growth trees, on the unmanicured lawn that is largely comprised of moss- and it was perfect for my giant Easter eggs, baskets and bunny ears.... and lots and lots of children..... Check.

But as I rose early on that completely dreary Sunday morning... it was pouring sideways rain, sleet, hail and snow greeted me when I opened the front door.  I was praying to all spirits who would listen to bring me sunshine- or at the very least- make it stop precipitating!  But the weather continued to get worse as the minutes ticked by and I took the weatherman's name in vein a number of times while contemplating whether or not it would make me a terrible person if I took up drinking at 8 AM.  I was relatively confident that I may have a heart attack- I was positively nauseous.

I began taking inventory of what I did have... (I had left two of my old studio lights burning over night to keep the garage warm for the fragile little chicks and consequently killed both bulbs....) I knew I couldn't shoot indoors in the garage studios with only one soft box and that many moving subjects. (lesson learned... ALWAYS  have a back-up on hand....) 

Gabbi and I began to brainstorm (she is the best little assistant some days!).  We realized that our front porch- was pretty good sized and with the overhang- well shielded from the rain.  Our house is boring old plain white with white trim... which acted like a natural light deflector and bounced around what light we did have.... so she and began running around gather props, light poles, clamps and back drops and set up a studio set on the front porch.  It was definitely more commercial than I tend to work, but it would have to do!

Thank goodness that my friends and new clients had faith in my craziness- because we got some cute stuff- and as the morning moved along- the sun came out and we had a glorious afternoon.

And I absolutely could not have pulled this event off without my two built in assistantants- Oni & Gabbi you were rock stars!  And a huge thank you to LSHS Senior and fellow photo-geek, Kaitie Jacobs.  It was certainly not glamorous work- but it was essential to making it all happen.

And so- with out further chicken scratch {pardon the pun}... enjoy the cuteness that is kids and baby chicks!   Happy Spring! xoox Didi V.

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