Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Sunday

I was trying to catch some snaps of the girls before we left and they were cutting up, blowing bubbles and throwing the football WHILE I was trying to shoot....annoying but very funny all at the  same time

Easter Sunday was flat and grey outside- but we certainly managed to have fun!  The Easter Bunny was very creative and generous to our girls and they had a ball hunting for treats and treasures.  We had to scurry around and get dressed and ready to roll and we met up with Ron's side of the family for brunch in Kirkland.

Later in the day we had our friends the Mc Neeleys join us for supper, egg dying and some hoops games.  It was good day for sure! Gabbi and Steve are the jesters- always wrestling or messing with each other.  Trey and Oni are the quiet cerebral ones- reading or playing board games.  We grown ups- cooked, chatted and watched hoops.  We feel very blessed that we were all brought together- the families fit so well.

 *I Counted our blessings- as they are many*

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