Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Bug Life...

You've heard of the Thug Life.... but have you heard of the Bug Life???? 
If not- you will....
My friend John is taking leap of fun and faith and making a total career switch and launching two business at once!  One as a fly fishing guide in places unknown - the other as mogul of a hip-fun-trendy punch at fashionistas with his line of accessories and apparel aimed at the 40-somethings  who live, eat and breathe fly fishing and the great outdoors.

Of course boys and their toys would not be complete without cigars, beverages and smoking hot bikini models.... and we had all three!  Miss Crystal was a total rock star- climbing, bending, contorting as directed... it was a hilarious adventure. 

**You know- you always seem to think you're pretty alone and  remote on some shoots and as soon as someone loses their apparel- traffic comes out of the woodwork... but she totally took it in stride and we just kept on shooting!**

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