Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who Let the Girls Out Event 2011

The 3rd Annual
Who Let the Girls Out Event
Lake Stevens, WA

What silly, crazy chaos- what FUN!!!  I had the privilege of donating my time again this year to create a dress up photo booth for the ladies attending the event.

My friends Nicky, Trish and Cathy along with a huge cast of additional friends pulled off their biggest bash ever-complete with massage therapists, anesthetists, great beauty and food vendors and dozens of truly amazing raffle baskets donated by local businesses....all to help raise money for their journey during the Susan G. Komen 3DAY event this coming September.  The cafeteria at Hillcrest Elementary was bursting at the seams with women who in between their pampering were busy buying tickets and stuffing the jars in hopes of winning their desired basket.

This year I partnered with L. Sam Samano of Extraordin-Hair for one heck of a basket.  We offered up a pin-up experience.... An hours shoot time with me- and hair and make up by Sam who is a theatrical stylist- (she's pretty darned amazing I must say!) along with a bottle of wine and truffles... and voila! Perfect experience.  Even more fun was watching as my basket come up.... and all the ladies looking on anxiously because they had stuffed so many tickets in that jar (which..... was full!!  Yay!!!!)... and the screams of Joy when Kathleen's number was drawn... it was awesome!  So I got to meet my client right there on the spot- great stuff!!!!

If you haven't attended this event- you will want to get your tickets for 2012- after the new year- get a hold of me and I'll put you in touch with the ladies to get your hall pass to a kick-ass event!

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Kathleen Alexander said...

My daughter Sarah and I had THE best time at "Who Let the Girls Out Event"!!
Thank you so much for donating such a full, breathtakingly beautiful basket along with all the other great finds in it! I am sooo blessed to have won that raffle!
Sarah and I are excited to see the photos you snapped at that event as well as for me, to be able to work with you in the upcoming week. YOU have a GIFT!!
Love and blessings,
Kathleen Alexander