Monday, January 11, 2010

Mimosa Meeting

A couple of months ago- my friend Amy and I hatched a plan..... she recently graduated from Massage school- and I volunteered my house to host a get together with my friends. A way for her to meet lots of new people and potential clients- all in one place. And I have a great group of girlfriends- all of whom are all crazy busy with work and family- and really- who couldn't use some girl time and some pampering and oodles of good giggles?

So everyone arrived yesterday morning in their pj's, no make-up, with brunch food and champagne in hand. We made yummy decadent coffees, mimosas in every flavor, and ate all manner of brunch foods bad for you. (calories were exempt from this party)

Everyone got in on some pampering massage from Amy and the rest of us snuggled up and watched old movies and giggled and talked while we waited our turn. It was fabulous-

You know you've all seen the email forwards about "have a group of girlfriends".... and it's true... we lift each other up when we've fallen or feel down, take each other's kids when needed, laugh and cry together, fill in when the others are sick or broken... you just do, because you love each other- and know that they would do for you in a second.... I love my friends- I'm so blessed. :)

I know that many were worried that it was too much-so soon for having a party here- but it was exactly what i needed...... I was energized by a day with girls. So thank you to all my lovies! My pretty tulips from Andrea- spring is coming- I promise. (even if my house is very confused right now- I got the Xmas down outside and Valentine's up.... but inside is still Xmas, and there are lots of spring flowers all over my kitchen....I need to get my holidays back in line!)

there were many casualties (fallen soldiers) at the end of the day- but it was a fun and bubbly day!

we only managed a partial group photo- but aren't we cute??? :)

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