Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love is in the air.....

Love is in the air...

Valentine's day is coming soon and so is the "The Big Day" for Bud & Robin! This beautiful couple is getting hitched in Vegas in a few weeks but we wanted to do their photos Seattle Style....

I had sooooo much fun yesterday! (as I'm sure you see by how many previews are up already!) It felt so good to be out shooting pix again after my winter hiatus! The weather not only held- but the sun came out and man, what a gorgeous couple - I could follow them around for days! They didn't even blink when I'd say- "hey- can you climb up there?" "ooh- let's dance in the fountain!".... LOVE them!

(how could we resist this sign?????) We hit all the Seattle icons along 1st ave, Post Alley and Western Ave.

I was totally excited and kind of nervous working with Robin- as she is also a photographer and incredibly talented artist. (see her artwork here on her back...)

This shot makes me smile so big!
(ok- so does this one at the bubble gum wall in Post Alley)

The crowds in the market were taking pix of us taking pix- we stopped foot and auto traffic the whole time we were shooting- it was so much fun!

These two are soooo danged cute- you can't help but smile when you watch them together.

Guys- I had so much fun with you- have a great wedding- and I'll see you when you get back! xoxo Didi

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MrsAngieW said...

Robin looks amazing in these pictures! What a wonderful job you did capturing her personality so perfectly