Monday, January 11, 2010

Lady Tigers Grrrrrrrind out another win

This week was back to school and practice for the Miles girls. They had some good practices this week according to Big Daddy- and it showed on the floor Saturday morning! The girls are starting to gel as a team and they are each finding themselves in their positions.... some better than others- but that's just maturity. Most of these girls will go on to be really good athletes, me thinks. :) Onika seems to have grown again- will need to measure her soon- but she's growing like crazy maturity wise- and has really taken to the game- she was playing this time last year under duress- because we insisted- but now- it's different- she's playing with some passion- and stealing the ball and shooting the lights out and enjoying success.

Little Gabbi is struggling to understand defense- but when she gets where she needs to be- she's getting tough to shake.... she's a 2nd grader playing up- and even tho she's as tall as the 4th graders.... there's just a different level of understanding.... but she too is growing this season.

What I love more than anything is that my girls are really starting to work together on the floor! *Insert big goofy mom-grin here*

*look at the poor girl Gabbi is guarding on the left- that face cracks me up!*

Little Sarah- man- love watching her play- she's gonna be ridiculously good as she gets older... kid has got some hops!

Go Sarah Go!

And Teresa.... getting to be more and more intense every game- LOVE it!

Going for another 2 ( she had 10 again Saturday!!!)

*and while this photo didn't turn out- I just love the intensity that she's playing with here*

T & Oni- friends and classmates on & off the court- both are so smart and talented- so proud of them!

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