Monday, January 25, 2010

Game 5

Well Saturday came and went --and we definitely didn't win this one- but this is without a doubt- the most physical- most injuries on both teams game I've ever seen! (especially for this age group).... and while we didn't play our best defensively- or offensively.... our girls did play with some aggression and some heart- and a bit of attitude... which is saying something- because this is the nicest group of girls... seriously!

There were some fouls, some roughing and Oni got called for throwing elbows....(she immediately starting crying- the gentle giant was playing tough- she didn't mean to hurt anyone.....) and so- we know what to work on again this week...

I can say that practice tonight- was a vast improvement in the girls' defense skills-

You can view more pix from Saturday's game here:

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