Monday, February 10, 2014

Birthday Wishes

On the eve of her birth I sing.......Happy birthday to you.... happy birthday to me...... Happy birthday to us...... Happy birthday dear Gabbi.... Happy birthday to you!So here I am again-  two weeks later- wishing my youngest daughter a happy 12th birthday!!!  It's super cool that my girls'  birthdays are so close together- and so ridiculous that they are so close together... what WERE we thinking???  It's cool because I'm in party planning mode for two birthdays and the Super Bowl all in the same week... to that end- I'm insane and totally exhausted!I know that everyone says that they can't believe that their kids are growing up so fast... but it's really the truth.  I see her underfoot everyday as we dash to school and sports, and scrap over chores and responsibilities... and then I look across the island and wonder who the beautiful woman in my kitchen is  who's cooking dinner!  Gabs is funny and creative- athletically gifted, kind and smart- with stunning looks years beyond real age.We're so proud to be her parents and are so grateful that we were chosen to be her parents!  

{ Here's a movie I made her a couple of years ago if you want to see some OLD photos...}

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