Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chinese New Year

Oni wanted something different this year for her birthday party- something not "little girl" .....no theme.....she really just wanted to have a couple friends over, order Chinese food and watch movies.... 

Of course I found a way to parlay that into a theme- Chinese New Year fell on 1.31.14 this year and her party was going to be on the 1st- so we called it a New Year celebration- and it was good!

Paper lanterns and twinkle lights, candles, fortune cookies and oranges on everything that stood still long enough!  The "to-go" boxes were filled with gold candies, fortune cookies, a fan and a bottle of red nail lacquer.

Her Cake was a 6 layer Ombre cake using boxed mixes of Red Velvet, Strawberry and white cake... in other words Neapolitan Cake, with scratch cream cheese frosting.

I made several dishes and ordered take out on  the ones that were above my cooking pay grade for a lovely combo of flavors.  She had a chill  time with friends watching movies and talking.... which is what she asked for in the beginning... before I began decorating.....

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