Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Baby

Happy birthday to you.... happy birthday to me...... Happy birthday to us...... Happy birthday dear Oni.... Happy birthday to you.

Today marks 14 years since we welcomed this gorgeous creature into our lives.  Our miracle baby- the one we had worked so hard for and prayed so long for. She was finally here.  

Oni is my heart- {her sister Gabbi is my soul}....  so vital to my existence and for so many wonderful and different reasons.  I'm so blessed to chosen as a momma!

I wish for you today Oni ~ a day full laughter and learning, hope and strength for tomorrow and joy and contentment forever.

I love you my not so little {anymore} one!

xoxo Momma

I made a video post a few years ago for her birthday if you would like to view it click on the link:

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