Monday, January 27, 2014

P's Party

Princes P turned one last week..... not sure how this year has gone so darned fast.... but it has and the baby I was blessed enough to help welcome into the world- just keeps rockin' my socks off....  I love this little one so much!  (her folks are keepers too.... P runs with a pretty amazing tribe.... just sayin' )

I was totally stoked when her folks asked me to cover her party because I knew that only coolness could happen.... and I was right.  Check out the amazing details her party planners put together for her... fitting of a princess for sure!  And the weather was unheard of for January.. sunny and bright- made for a pint size piece of Heaven!
Her Candy bar and cupcake parade were off the hook too- crazy flavors like French Toast and Salted Caramel on Chocolate, huge Pearl jaw breakers, small pearl gob stoppers, Turquoise Swedish fish, Rock candy on a stick and some incredible looking chocolates and more turquoise gummies.... sweets for their "Sweet-P"  Hand made/ DIY that are Pintrest worthy... so check it out- and hang on & enjoy the ride!

Loved it all!!!!
xoxo Didi V

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Jeanne Urquhart said...

Absolutely ADORED the ones of her eating cake off the floor... and, of course, the rest were great too. Thank you for allowing Tiffany to share them. This grandma loved them.