Monday, January 13, 2014

J's Big Day

I met J and her folks right before Christmas to celebrate her 1st birthday- and boy did her family know how to throw a party!  And J was like pure sunshine on a very dark, rainy, and  wet day.

The food was amazing and plentiful- and it's a good thing- because she has lots of Aunties, Uncles and friends!!!  (I told her G'ma that I was moving in- just for the egg rolls that she was making... YUM!!)

Her other set of  grandparents even Skyped in from Australia to be there for the party!  
It was definitely a packed house- and I could just nibble on J- holy guacamole is she cute!!!  Not sure how her folks will ever be able to say "no" to a face like that!  Thanks for letting join your party guys!  

Didi V 

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