Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vikings Majors Regular Season

Vikings Regular Season
I know that most people think that my husband and I have fallen off of the social planet the last 12 months.... because he's on the board and coaching.... we are never home it seems, rarely throw any great parties any more and can't seem to make it to anyone else's great parties either. 
We seem lame. 
I know we do. 
Our life seems to run completely around the Little League calendar and we seam to be running in fast forward any more- we're stunned  at how fast the days go by chasing our girls who are on a fast track to grow up on us. 
We want them to play as many sports and experience as much as we can give them because we're going to blink and they'll be grown ups.
I joke with my girls that the reason I take so many photos of them- is that because if I were to die tomorrow- they would have photo proof that we were there every step of the way and that we thought that that everything they did was amazing! 
{I'm sure they'll appreciate it later- even if they scowl at me now}
The math really doesn't add up this year:
2 girls + 3 sports = 5.5 schedules this year......
It's been one hell of a ride!!!

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