Friday, July 5, 2013

11-12 All Stars

You know... sometimes you just wonder what the Universe has in store for you.... and that question came up several times last week as the 11-12 Majors ALL STARS  team- who started tournament play on Monday night at the lovely Phill Johnosn fields in Everett- with a huge shut out on Saturday but talk swirled regarding  NSA State that started mid day on Friday in Richland.... everyone wondered what they were going to do.  10 of the 11 All Stars play for Blaze Pride.... how were they going to make it all happen????
Well Mother Nature- being the cruel heartless wench that she is- set the plan in motion with a flash storm that Washingtonians have never seen the likes of- that left inches of rain and hail on the fields in a matter of 10 minutes to slow down game 2.  This meant that we were a rain-out in the first inning.
We reconvened the following night- on a different field- to turn three innings where our bats were coming alive...... to get caught in another freak Tempest storm- with lightning this time- and so they called the game as a final score because we took the field  for the 5th inning. :(
It was a truly wrong and heartbreaking way to enter the "Loser's Bracket".
We had one more game to play Thursday night- but the girls were clearly already in the Tri-Cities... so most of the  team packed it in and headed East following that game. :(
Oni has become a solid first baseman and a killer out fielder this last year... as well as one of the most feared batters in the Tri-county area....
WTG baby.... WTG!

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