Friday, July 5, 2013

That's the way the ball bounces......

That's the way the ball bounces..... seems to be a basketball phrase but it applied to softball this year for All Stars. 
Our youngest daughter is developing quite a reputation as a pitcher here in the Sno/King/Skagit county area. 
She is powerful beyond her years and possesses a large presence on the mound.  She has been "playing up" for the last 11 months as a Majors player for our local Little League and for the 12U Blaze Pride team. {as well as a 5th grade hoops team} 
But Little League is very strict about All Stars play and she had to come back down and play for her peer age group when she was selected for ALL STARS, which is the 9-10's team.  Which means that she had to move in 5 feet and use the smaller ball.... which means her velocity- is even faster and harder........
Unfortunately her peers are not used to seeing a ball come at them as hard and fast as she serves it up.... so she and the other pitcher, {who also plays select ball} had to catch for each other..... {which is typically a no-no for the risk of injury to your pitcher}
So Gabs stepped up and  into catchers gear for All Stars with zero experience- and rocked the house.... and pitched 2 of the 4 games played with 33 strikeouts and 3 walks..... that's pretty darned efficient use of your innings.....
Her athleticism is gift. {She's kind of like that cat who falls out of a tree but always manages to land on her feet...} and we're sure proud of her! 

 {doing what she "do" at about 57 mph!!!}

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