Saturday, April 13, 2013


How you gonna act when you're the newest kid on the block???  
Well, when you're born to a couple of the coolest Rock-a-Billy parents around.... 
{Mom's a stunner who resembles Betty Boop and Daddio is a vintage looking Harley guy} 
you're gonna rock that Radio Flier like you stole it!

And while some kids dream of ponies and Teddy Bears..... 
Kool Kids like ANSEN dream of wrenches, gaskets, gear ratios, grease zirts and oil cans.  
The boy is destined to be riding in a side car before he can walk!
I heart this family - I've been friends with momma for over 15 years and I'm thrilled to have followed her growth from fun party girl fresh out of school to stunning married woman and now as a momma.
Congrats guys!
xoxo Didi V

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