Saturday, April 13, 2013

Presleigh Ryan

Pretty Little Presleigh.....  Oh how we've waited for you!!!  Where do I begin?  

Do I start 15 some odd years ago with your fresh face momma- right out of high school- the baby cousin of my friend's friend?  Or  being there for so much of your parents lives over the years...  It certainly isn't limited to your daddy's patience with your momma and me....... and your  momma being my grunt, lab rat and assistant extraordinaire  for experimental photo sessions, my cooking partner in crime, my walking for a cure buddy..... or just the fact that you were so long in  the wanting and waiting process for your parents.....  We are so glad you are finally here!

I had the privilge of being present at your birth little one- and you (and your parents) are amazing!
Love you little one!  So blessed to be a part of your life!

xoxo Didi V


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