Thursday, December 9, 2010

Monkey-ing around.....

So I know.... I'm way behind on this post....  This was from October- on a very wet Seattle day.

I love the zoo- more specifically- I love the Woodland Park Zoo.  It's beautiful- and while I don't love that the animals are in captivity- I'm grateful to be able to see and experience them up close and appreciate how magnificent and magical that is.

Our dear friends {the P- Fam} from Spokane were over for a visit and the kids wanted to go to the zoo... and it was the perfect day to go- there was virtually no one there but us.  We could linger as long as we wanted to with no worry of being in someone else's way.  It was great!  We were also joined by Sean's sister Sarah and her family- so I had lots of absolutely adorable little monkeys to photograph!

If you haven't gone- or been a while- go in the off season- it's a better rate and way less visitors!

Have a great day- go monkey around! xoxox Didi V.

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Irene/Tigress said...

Say 'Zoo' and you say 'tigress'
I just love to visit zoos and swing my camera there! Regardless what season or temperatures........... Like now in an almost snowed-under bitterly cold Holland ;-)) Though we also visit several christmas-markets here. Drink hot, spiced wine and eat christmas goodies and cookies. You will soon find them on
Hugs Irene/Tigress