Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sometimes, it's the strangest things that turn into a family activity.

I saw a "How-to" on Jodi Friedman's blog for her absolutely fabulous MCP site. {Have I mentioned I love her photo tools??????  I do- I heart them a lot...}.... any hooo... I read that 12.20.10 was to be a fab full lunar eclipse.

I decided to break out the tripod that was still in the box- collecting dust in the corner for oh..... 6 years.... and give it a whirl. 

I'm not going to lie... it was cold as all get out on the patio.... playing with my settings and trying to figure it all out.  Pretty soon- Big Daddy was out there- bringing me a jacket and with his video camera and tripod in hand.  Soon after- the girls came outside- to inquire what on Earth we were doing out in the cold.  They of course had the smartest plan- to watch from the hot tub.  So they disappeared to get suits and towels. We grown-ups had to rely on the rum in our egg-nogg for warmth. {WINK}

We laughed and answered their questions as we watched and waited as big fields of clouds rolled through- giving us the occasional perfect view of  a most spectacular moon.  And as the shadow began to move in to the bottom left of the moon- unfortunately- so did a solid mass of clouds..... and just like that- our perfect view was gone.  We watched and waited, and waited, and waited.... nothing.  I went back out periodically- but you could barely make out a faint light source- and you had to really strain to see it.

And while this is certainly not NASA worthy... I felt it was a decent job for my first attempts with my tripod and new lens.  I shot this with my Canon 50D with a prime 70-200 EF 1:2.8 IS II USM at F11 100 ISO

Thanks again for the tips Jodi!

And- I was able to laugh and spend some quality time with my family.

Go chase the moon tonight!

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