Saturday, September 17, 2011

Generations of Ya-Ya

Years ago when the book and movie featuring the Ya-Ya Sisterhood came out, my friend Allison starting re-naming all of us and putting together functions with all of her favorite Ya-Yas... {who all  later had Ya-Hoos.... so our times together are not as frequent as they should be....} It's always so fun to get that many gal pals together in one place! 

This particular gathering  is an a very "Allison" style party- A harvest theme~fondue~ya-ya~Bridal shower for her God Daughter Danielle with every detail in place and a whole gaggle of great ladies who ranged in age from their 20's- to their.... "seasoned" 70's.

There were only two rules for the event- everyone had to wear a fabulous hat and you had to drink your beverage of choice in a pretty glass.... of course the giggles and bawdy laughter were free flowing on this gorgeous summer night!

What a  bunch of beautiful and a truly fun evening!  Thanks for having me ladies!

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