Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Amanda & Will

So..... I have to admit.....This is a weirdly delayed post.

Amanda & Will's event was back in August.... and yes, .... I realize it's now JANUARY....

But this gorgeous event wasn't really mine.... not a Natural Approach Photo job....... and I wasn't required to process my images.....

What I mean is, that it was actually shot with/for Jenny GG Photography with Jenny GG and Jen Wade
{two of my favorite girls in the whole wide world}.  

And since I didn't have to do anything with them- I handed over my discs to the girls so that all of the post production work would match..... and then let them sit on my desktop all this time, because I was on vacation the following day had so much other work to process for my own clients..... that well....  

I never even peeked at them... {all those doubt demons swirl in your head the longer you let something be that you need to take care of.... what if they were terrible???????? -
{yes- I do have those thoughts some days...}

The crazy talented duo was jam-packed with weddings that weekend and asked if I would second shoot for them. {Me....shoot for them???? OMG!  You have NO IDEA how excited and terrified I was!!!!  They are Seattle Wedding photography legend!!!} 

I am pretty sure I thought I might be ill about four different times that day due to nerves.... the dead last thing I wanted to do was let them or the amazing couple down. (did I mention weddings give me the worst case of nerves- I'm seriously an internal basket case every time I shoot one!)

I couldn't have asked for a better experience- Jen and Jenny make me laugh so hard my sides hurt when I'm around them.  It was really cool to be a part of  the photographic force that they are.  I learned soooooo much that day!  It has changed how I shoot all together.

The venues at St. Mark's Cathedral and the Seattle Yacht Club were gorgeous and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.  Will and Amanda couldn't be more fun- seriously they danced every single dance- down to the very last song- {they were they only ones left in the room besides the DJ} and it was the sweetest sight.  And I couldn't have loved the day more!

I hope you enjoy my view of a glorious day- a reminder of sunny, warm Summer days and glimpse of some seriously gorgeous people.

You can see more of their day and take a look through Jen & Jenny's eyes here:

Thanks so much for the opportunity ladies- I loved every second of it!

@All images  in this post were shot by Didi Miles for
 ©Jenny GG Photography~Seattle, WA


Jenny GG said...

You are 16 kinds of awesome didi - love you and your photos!


jen said...

love them!! you're so awesome! you got amazing shots - don't doubt yourself :)


Didi (Dioncia) Von Bargen-Miles said...

Mwah! Thanks ladies- and thanks so much for the opportunity! xo D