Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marching to the Beat of a Different drummer....

That phrase sums up my youngest pretty well.  Gabs stopped letting me dress her when she was about 2 . 

{ And yes- I realize that I was the parent and I was the one in charge... however with two toddlers there were just some battles I was willing to call a "draw" on,  in order to win the war on getting ANYWHERE remotely close to "on time"..... }

She has ALWAYS had a need for huge color and bold print and the more- the better. 

"The girl with the most accessories wins"

 Would be the 2nd best phrase to describe her now... which is ironic since we used to call her Houdini for  her ability to escape clothing, diapers, socks, shoes and hair pretties... oh- and cribs and car seats....

Nowadays,  she lives in sports practice gear- so it was hilarious fun to let her dress as bling as she wanna be the other day.  We capitalized on a little slice of Heavenly golden hour sun and I got to spend some alone time with my baby- who is definitely not a baby anymore.

So proud and so blessed in this life to be given my amazing daughters and a relationship that lets me combine my love and appreciation of them with my love for photos.

Kiss your kids and go &  take some pix!

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