Monday, December 14, 2009

Ms. Clause

"Hi dear- how was your day?........"

Santa never had it so good....... Ms. Clause.... looks A-mazing these days..... Miss D came to see me yesterday for some naughty & nice photos for her man's Christmas gift (nice gift!). It was cold and snowy, so we stayed indoors and drank bubbly and played. :)
These boots were made for walking..... or just looking incredibly sexy in.....

Pretty sure the logo says it all....

And if ever there was a photo for pirate's booty..... I believe this would be it.... LOOK at those eyes!

I know, it's hard to see the great cigar in this shot, huh?

A great corset and a kick-ass pair of shoes makes for a gorgeous, confident girl!

Thanks for coming to play with me D- you're going to knock his socks off- guaranteed! xoxo (the other D) Didi

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