Sunday, December 6, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way home..

A funny thing happened on the way home today- the sun came out! I couldn't believe it! It was cold, frozen and a minute skiff of snow was on the ground when we three girls left this morning.

We were on our annual pilgrimage to Bothell's Country Village to go and see Santa. We go and see Santa, butter him up with some adorable kid loves, spill our wish lists, get a photo taken and then we move on with our day.

We've been going to Rob Reising of Chapters Photography since Gabbi was a baby- and he's one of my photography heroes. Super nice guy- technically perfect and fun and artsy- all at the same time. He and his wife Karin have a beautiful studio and it was decorated to the nines with a great looking Santa, as usual. So I'll be waiting anxiously for my own Christmas photos to be coming before the holidays! You can check them out here:

So anyhoo- (my mind wanders these days....) I talked the kids into letting me catch a few candids of them in their super hip little ens ambles... and I love the vintage finish on these- mostly tho- I just love these girls.... they are growing up and changing so fast on me... I'm afraid I'll blink and miss it. :)

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