Friday, November 14, 2014

Miracle Miles Girls

It's rare that I can get all four of the Miles girls in one frame any more..... 
They are growing up so fast- and are all so busy- all of the time....
But, .....Every once a while, the planets align... 
...and for a brief evening- no one has a game or a tournament
and both Miles houses we can all occupy the same space and share a meal.

Of course- having the time to actually edit and cull my own photos 
between the months of February through the following December are rare.... 
I hit a strange little lull this week and jumped on the chance! 
{Just on the off chance that my SIL Heather & BIL Buddy  or  Ron & I 
might actually want to use these as a holiday card.... }

So here they are -  all of the Miracle Miles girls- all in one spot-
 all are so amazing in so many ways-
Smart, sassy, powerful, caring, musical, amazingly athletic and straight up gorgeous...
{I might be a bit biased..... maybe not tho.....} :)

We couldn't want for anything else- except more of them- but the world will just have to settle for these four amazing young women.

xoxo Didi V.

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