Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jen & Jenny's big day

There is an industry joke about "Uncle Bob" - the loving and well meaning wedding guest(s) who inadvertently pops up and into the middle of the aisle with his iPhone and blocks your shot of the first kiss, or the first dance, etc..... It can be frustrating if you are the paid photographer, but you know they are just excited for their loved one.
So most of you know- I don't typically shoot weddings- I love portraiture.  
 But.....Once in a while I will assist for my friends Jenny (Jenny GG) and Jen (Jen Wade)- who are crazy popular Seattle wedding photographers. 
They have been wonderful and generous mentors and I am fortunate to call them friends.  I was honored when they invited me to their September reception back in January, to celebrate their frosty December morning elopement.
We were laughing about how do they choose another photographer to capture your big day when you ARE a wedding photographer and you know sooooo many people in the industry????  
{Tough task- glad it wasn't a decision that I had to make....}
And then- they arrived at the solution- for their friends and family- photographer or not- to bring their best "Uncle Bob" effort on their reception date.  They will have so many different stylistic views of their day- it should be crazy fun when all of the photos trickle {or flood} in!
So here is a quick glance of my view of their day- which by the way- was sublime.  The amount of care put into every single  DIY detail was..... amazing.  It was absolutely lovely.
The love and warmth amongst the party goers was incredible.
{oh yeah... and did I mention Mary Lambert stopped by to sing "She Keeps Me Warm" }
Thanks for inviting me girls- I had a great time!
xoxo Didi V.

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