Thursday, May 3, 2012


"Gabbi-Fabulous" It's a title we'd give any outfit our youngest daughter Gabrielle would come up with as a toddler because she has always L-to the, O.V.E. 'd to play dress up and usually the more sparkles and accessories....the better.... There is a steady stream of hilarious photos in our family scrapbooks as proof of this. 

Now that she's 10, tho- and always crazy busy with sports... it's more athletic apparel than anything else so it's a rare treat when we get to see her dressed up- weather it's for an event or to go and play with me and take photos.

She also has a knack for really rockin those old WWI & II era looks.  Hard to believe that this demure looking vintage lady is one of the more feared softball pitchers in the league!  Just one more thing that makes her so cool I guess....

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