Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Amazing GRACE

I know that I haven't blogged in 4-EVER.... and I do apologize.... there is oodles of beautiful to share with you and I'll be bringing it your way soon!

I met with Grace and her momma last night at Edmonds Beach in some of the most sublime light EVER!
It's a rare & wonderful gift to receive as a photographer to have that kind of light, a subject who totally "gets it" when you ask her to move a certain way and a parent who gives you full creative freedom to just make beautiful happen...

I also love watching the progression of the images from the start of a session to the end... kids sort of just "grow-up" in front of my eyes.... case in point is the second set... the ONLY thing that changed was that we took away the headband and changed her lighting... and wow....

Thanks for choosing me guys- it was a beautiful way to spend the evening <3
xoox Didi

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